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    Best overall value for your home:


1 telephone number with 2 lines (for receiving or making 2 calls at the same time) with 2 years of service for unlimited local and long distance calls to the US and Canada . . . and a free phone adapter for using the phone you have today, for the unbelievable low price of $199 for 2 years --- which is less than $8.30 a month! And, you may pay for it with a credit card!  Click here         

          Sunrise Phone   

Unlimited calling to the US and Canada for $19.95 a month with the first month free and a free phone adapter!  Great calling plans from the US to India and Russia.  Save up to 70% every month.    Click Here


Unlimited local and long distance calling to the US and 9 other countries for as low as $14.95 a month. Keep your current phone number. 40 calling features including call forwarding, call waiting, conference calling and follow me anywhere. Easy to add an additional phone line. Save up to 50% off your phone bill!   Click Here          

    Major Cable and Telephone Companies:
          Charter Cable    

If your Cable company is Charter then this is the deal for you. Add Digital phone to your existing cable service and have a very nice bundled price with No Long-Term Contracts, unlimited local and long distance calling, call waiting, caller id, voicemail and more.  Click Here          

    Economy service:
          iConnectHere Internet Phone    

If you need an incoming line at a very low cost, then try this service for only $6.99 a month.  You can choose a phone number in another city in the US and it will ring in your home.  Click Here          


Unlimited calling to the US and Canada for $19.95 a month with the first month free and a free phone adapter!  No contracts, month-to-month. Start saving today!    Click Here

    Need a business phone service:

          Quality Business Phone    

For great business phones with unlimited local and long distance service this is your best choice.  Eliminate the high cost of installing a business phone system or PBX.  Auto-attendent (no more hiring a receptionist), extension dialing, voicemail, follow-me forwarding, call forwarding, call transfer, unified messaging to email and website, multiple locations or branch offices, and many more services for one music on hold, conference calling, caller ID, easily install phones in low monthly fee. Toll Free Numbers.  Available anywhere  (for those who are located on Southern California site-survey and installation services are available).    Click Here          


Sound like a big business for a small price!  For businesses and mobile professionals   ---  rates as low as $9.99 a month with a FREE trial!   Click Here          


    Best service for international calling:


WOW! --- this is a deal! ---- Do you make calls to Western Europe? New Zealand or Australia? Singapore or South Korea?  Unlimited calling from the US to these 22 countries:  US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Finland, Austria, Luxembourg, Norway, Vatican City, Portugal, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, & South Korea.  Now you can have your local phone service and all this long distance calling for the low price of 21.95 a month!  Click Here          


Save up to 70% with unlimited calling plans to US and Canada (local/long distance) and unlimited calls to Western Europe and unlimited calls to Asia for only $29.95 a month. If you do not have broadband, there is even a plan for people who have only a regular phone or make overseas calls from their cellphone! Check out the long list of countries on their website.   Click Here          

    International Local Numbers and Service:
         JetNumbers Inc.    

Have a local phone number in any of 34 countries and answer it wherever you are. Your friends, relatives or customers can easily reach you on a phone number that is local to them. Included countries are: USA, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Venezuela. Calling plans as low as $19.99 a month.     Click Here

          International Number Exchange    

A local phone number and unlimited incoming calls from over 50 countries for a very small fee, starting at $4.95 a month. Check their website to see their long list of available countries.     Click Here